Monday, April 28, 2008

Follow the Prophet

Well, tonight we had our usual family home evening, where the kids get to pick the songs. I was trying to remember which song it was that Jessica had started singing to me on Sunday that she learned in church. I suddenly remembered it was "Follow The Prophet" and I sang a little bit to her. She, of course, recognizes it immediately and continues singing..."Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he goes away..." She sang it with such gusto and surety we couldn't help but laugh!

Monday, April 21, 2008

poop breath

Warning: If the topic of poop bothers you, I would suggest you refrain from reading the following entry!!! Poop breath. Yes, you read it right. And I am not talking about when you smell someone's breath and that is what you think it stinks like. No, I am going to talk about the literal poop breath! Let's start at the beginning. Today started out as a great day. I got up early, made plans for the day and the week, got the laundry going full speed, the kids slept in, got myself ready and looking good...sounds like a great day right? The kids were content watching some cartoons and I was having a great day. I even took a time out to read the scriptures when the yuckiness began. I was almost done reading when I heard, "Mom, Noah is eating my poop," called out nonchalantly by my 3 year old daughter. What? I go running in to find that my daughter has unfortunately pooped her pants and I see a pebble on the ground and Noah right under her feet. I quickly scoop him up and at first I don't see anything. "Quick save," I thought. I take him to give him a wipe down anyway and then I discover it. Poop drool all over his shirt. By now of course I am madly searching his mouth and pulling out all the "goodies" stuck to the roof of his mouth! GROSS! I think one of the worst though was the breath! His toothbrush is officially trash in my mind. I called my mother in law and the doctor to give me peace of mind. The doctor's office said that since it was his sister the worst that would happen is that he would throw up, so just give him liquids to try to wash it on through. He seems to be unaffected, so far. Anyway, everything and everyone got all cleaned up and we are now doing good. Even mommy has calmed down quite a bit. I hope this wasn't too graphic for you and I hope that this never happens to anyone else that happens to read this. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

museum fun

Here are some pictures from when we went to the museum. Joshua was scared of all of the dinosaur exhibits, but their favorite is definitely the panning for gold. And the trip to the gift shop at the end, of course!
The kids got to stand behind a wall and get their picture "in the movies."

Here they are comparing their feet to those of a dinosaur print.

panning for gold...

And this is what our exciting trip looked like on the way home, with a nice green apple dinosaur lollipop stuck to his leg!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Singin' her heart out...

Our kids love to sing. Every Monday night, especially, we have been working on learning some Primary songs. They each have their favorites and catch on quite quickly to the new ones. Jessica really has started liking "I am a Child of God" especially since she is now singing it in Primary. Well, according to Joe she sung her heart out today for the closing song of sacrament meeting. (I unfortunately missed it because I was playing the organ.) The closing song was "Abide With Me 'Tis Eventide", but Jessica sang "I am a Child of God" as loud as she could instead! Ha Ha. Thought that was funny and had to share! Pictures soon to follow :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Daily silliness...

Every single day, our kids surprise us with hilarious antics. A couple of the latest are when Jessica was finishing up a time-out session on her bed, she proudly announced to us in the other room, "I'm done throwing my tantrum now!" So, we let her get out of her room. Not to be outdone, Joshua never ceases to dismantle our home from the inside out by gouging the kitchen table with his fork, using every wall as his dinosaur or current racecar's track, or as he did tonight at family home evening, proceeding to crumple up every piece of paper he can get his hands on. What a typical boy: lots less emotional breakdowns, but he gets you in the pocket book. Here are some recent pictures we are saving for blackmailing later.

Joshua with his Mr. Potato Head glasses. He is an avid Toy Story fan and can nearly recite it word for word, of course.
Joshua obviously getting into trouble in the background and everyone else ganging up on their sleeping aunt!
I just want you to know these wintery looking pictures were taken when it was like 80 degrees outside. The kids were just complaining how cold it was inside because of the A/C and fans running...this was our fun solution to the problem!