Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and family! We love you Grandmas and Grandpas!!!

Have you ever had a kid that loves tags? Joshua loves them, and he always puts it across his face, whether it is a jacket, blanket, or the tag in the back of his T-shirt!

Can you tell the kids love to play with Noah?

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Wanna piece..."

I know, it has been a while since I blogged, but either nothing was happening or we were all sick! Well, we are finally done with this cold bug that has been going around. The kids just had the respiratory thing, which I got also, but I was the one that got stuck with pink eye! Twice in the last 7 months...I couldn't believe it! Oh well. We are all healthy and happy now. I can not complain; we are very blessed to be so healthy.
Today in the car Joshua kept asking Jessica something over and over again, but of course, I couldn't understand what he was saying. And then it dawned on me. He was asking her, "Do you wanna piece of me? Yeah?" We laughed and laughed. I have no idea where he got that from since neither one of us says it, but it is his favorite phrase for the day! More pictures to follow soon hopefully...