Friday, May 15, 2009

pictures of time with Grandma, sticky marshmallows and just everday life!

I can tell that I've been lacking blogging motivation when I see that my husband has done the last two posts!  Here are some recent pictures...

I think the picture below of Joshua is so funny, but only because I know the story behind it.  After a long ride in the car we sent Joshua into the front room to put his shoes away in the closet before he went into his room and climbed into bed.  He must've been pretty tired because when I didn't find him in his bed, I found him curled up by the entertainment center! 
These are some desert pictures...lots of sticky marshmallows!

This is the boys thinking they own my bed!  Seriously, Noah crawled in under the covers and pretended that was totally his spot!

Noah stopped taking naps (unless we go for a car ride).  Everyday for a week or so, he was falling asleep in the middle of lunch!