Monday, September 20, 2010

2 sets of glasses...two days

Noah has done it. He has topped the destruction record for our family (or at least come close; the dumped honey bottle on the couch is still burned in my memory). He broke two sets of eyeglasses in two days. And this is not the "Ooops! I stepped on them!" or anything like that. The first pair had already endured that kind of abuse. No...this is the "I'm going to sit in the back of the car and twist and bend and mangle them till they bust!" We got our butts back to Wal-mart and immediately ordered a new pair of glasses. This time we got the bendy kind (let's hope they're Noah proof cause they aren't cheap). Joe got him a pair of cheap reading glasses for the meantime. Well, "the meantime" didn't last very long because the next day he did the same thing...back of the car...twist and mangle...and broken. He did it because he said he wanted his "new" ones. glasses please get here soon!