Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas pictures

Here are some pictures we took around Christmas time. My parents came down for a week and we had a lot of fun. The kids absolutely loved Christmas. The older they get the more fun it is. Jessica and Joshua were funny to watch because they did things so differently. Joshua was happy after one gift and just wanted to play with it and forget about all the other gifts. But once Jessica realized there was more than one she just kept ripping them open one right after another until she was opening up other people's gifts too! Of course, everyone got colds over Christmas cause it just isn't the holidays unless someone gets sick. In fact, on Christmas Day we went over to Joe's family's house. And Joshua (who is teething again) decided to stick all three or fours fingers in his mouth and gag himself and threw up! Joe said he had a hunch someone would hurl since it was Christmas! hahaha. Anyway, it was a wonderful holiday and I am so grateful for my family. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas too! P.S. Thanks to all who sent cards. I decided to make cards this year to send out...don't be alarmed if you didn't receive one. It is not the post office's fault nor did we stop loving or caring about you. I am just a nerd and spent so much time making the cards that I did not leave time to send them out before Christmas...what a nut I am!