Thursday, April 29, 2010

a good little laugh

I had a good laugh today. I told the boys to get ready to take their shower. I let them shower in our room since their bathroom's shower doesn't work. I followed shortly behind them. When I came into the bathroom I just saw Joshua. I said, "Where's Noah?" And out pops Noah from behind the dresses hanging in my closet butt naked saying, "Here I am!" How could I be upset at such a funny declaration! lol

Monday, April 12, 2010

just random stuff

Pictures from our day at the dairy farm on Fun Friday. We got to ride on bales of hay led by tractor to tour the farm. This is the kids playing on the playset. Everyone was having a great time, except for Joshua who was absolutely crushed that his sister was too busy playing with everybody else.

We are loving Natalie's smiles! She is now 3 months old and about 12 lbs. She is our little Gerber baby...
This picture is evidence that, once again, my 2 year old has been snooping in the fridge!
These are pictures of the chocolate egg that Grandma got us for Easter from that sweet little candy shop in Springdale, UT. It was a dinosaur egg and it had chocolate baby dinosaurs on the inside...very fun for the kiddos.